If your piling project requires restricted load bearing, width and/or height restrictions then Ground Anchor Systems has the ideal piling solution.

Restricted Access Piling


Our experience of these types of projects coupled with our investment in the latest restricted access piling rigs, positions Ground as the nations No.1 restricted access piling specialist.

The restricted access piling projects with which we have been involved vary greatly in complexity, services supplied and value. We regularly work within confined structures installing piles for palisade walls, retention structures and basements as well as in more open sites where the access was restricted. In areas where the ground is particularly poor and money and time can be saved by putting in a smaller piling rig.

Many clients, particularly those with experience of working with us, are confident in putting their reputation in the hands of Ground and for this reason, we have undertaken a range of high-profile projects for clients such as Fletcher EQR, Opus, Transpower, Transit, Downer. Each brought different challenges but our experience, innovation, plant and in-house expertise enabled us to propose and implement the right solution in each case.

Our restricted access rigs include:

  • Soilmec SM04 State of the art Bored,CFA and DTHH drilling rig with the capabilities to auger a 600mm dis hole to 20m - 5ton drilling unit make this a exceptional drill rig.
  • Mori M21capabilities of drilling up to 400mm bored piles in 2m headroom, with remote power pack for internal works
  • Bespoke rigs that can install up to 150mm micropiles piles in only 2m headroom

By utilising our vast range of rigs and techniques, we ensure our customers always receive the most cost effective, bespoke solution to meet their foundation and site requirements, assuring them of a professional, no-fuss service from pre-start to completion.